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Steve Hitchman  -  MIP Group Managing Director   icon-linkedin  

Steve is the founder and CEO of MIP Australia and a leading authority in the Data Warehousing Industry. With over 20 years’ experience Steve has considerable expertise in delivering successful Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions across a broad spectrum of client industries.


Jackie Harper  -  Consulting Director   icon-linkedin

Jackie is responsible for creating dynamic customer experiences while delivering on the MIP promise. With 20 years' experience Jackie’s ability in distilling the most complex problems into simple doable outcomes is simply unmatched.


Peter Kokinakos  -  Chief Operating Officer   icon-linkedin

A successful business is a reflection of successful customers.  As the Chief Operating Officer, pk provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that MIP has the right people, processes and systems in place to facilitate and manage MIP’s growth in the business analytics market segment.


Guru Sankar  -  Chief Data Officer   icon-linkedin

Guru is Australia’s leading expert in WhereScape RED and with 17 years’ IT Industry experience Guru leads the MIP technical team in helping create the best technology solutions for all MIP Customers.


Walter van Buuren – Chief Financial Officer   icon-linkedin

Walter’s focus is to build the platform to maintain MIP’s high level of growth whilst bolstering the Finance and Admin Department to provide continual benchmark support to MIP’s nationwide business units, service offerings and customers.  Walter has run global finance teams within the IT and Service industries both in Australia and in the US and is excited to be part of Australia’s data market leader.


Steven Joffe – Services Director   icon-linkedin

Steven's a multi-skilled and qualified services management professional with solid industry experience in business information projects, with a focus on financial performance management (FPM) and business intelligence (BI).


Paul Jenkins – Chief Revenue Officer   icon-linkedin

Paul Jenkins is responsible for MIP’s continued revenue growth and managing the MIP sales team.  Paul helps our customer find the right solution for their project at the right time. Paul has over 30 years’ experience in sales and management and is able to ensure our growing sales team commit to putting our customers first.


Faye Marsden – Financial Controller

Faye has over 15 years’ experience in both Financial and Administrative roles which is a testament to her professionalism and customer-focused approach. Faye has a wealth of experience and has the ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with MIP customers.