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MIP whitepapers have been developed by our team of industry leaders. For further information on any of our products please contact our sales team on (02) 9260 0700


7 Steps to Successful Data Blending for Excel
Many organizations that rely on Excel to incorporate multiple sources of data struggle with manual and complicated processes to restructure and join data.
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7 Steps to Data Blending for Predictive Analytics
Research shows that analysts spend 60-80% of their time preparing data for analysis.
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6 Steps to Faster Data Blending using your Data Warehouse
An ever-increasing volume of data is being stored in corporate data warehouses, making it essential for line-of-business analysts to efficiently blend this data with other sources.
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6 Steps to Data Blending for Spatial Analytics
Spatial analytics goes beyond understanding the physical location of key assets on a map, enabling you to gain deep insights into how location impacts your operations, transactions and consumer intera ...
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5 Critical Analytics for Marketers with Alteryx and Tableau
The 5 critical analytics marketers need are Customer Acquisition, Customer Segmentation, Customer Sentiment, Lifetime ROI, and Offer Responsiveness.
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The Definitive Guide to Data Preparation for Tableau
If you are like many data analysts you spend most of your time preparing data – leaving you less time to visualize data. See how Alteryx can help
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5 Ways to Improve Excel Processes
See how transitioning from a spreadsheet-based environment to an Alteryx workflow approach can help analysts
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Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Data for Tableau with Alteryx
See how you can speed up the data cleansing process and spend less time preparing data and more time visualizing data
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Data Culture
Why freedom to explore is the future of analytics
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Advanced Analytic - How to predict the future
Ever since business intelligence tools first gained popularity in the 1980s, companies have been analysing data in search of valuable business insights.
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