Bill Inmon endorses MIP
Bill Inmon endorses MIP and our Agile Approach to Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
First Data
Using RED we avoided recasting swathes of ETL every time we changed our minds, this saved IT inordinate amounts of time.
Major Australian Bank
This project was the most amicable, well run, successful project I have ever been involved with, everyone communicated with each other from start to finish. Your team focused on delivery delivery delivery and that’s what they achieved in 10 weeks
You can build faster than I can design
We thought we needed an ETL tool until we saw WhereScape RED – then we realized we needed end to end data management.
State Government Fire and Emergency Services
Your man is worth his weight in gold. Things are going really, really well.
Corporate Services State Government
You have all done a marvelous job. Could not express enough the gratitude that I have.